Hype Video: Audi R8 GT Week Parts 1 & 2

Shark Week is a officially at an end and Audi R8 GT Week has officially begun!  We were a little bit slow on the up-take yesterday but scroll down below to see parts 1 and 2 of R8 GT goodness.  Part one features Audi factory driver Emanuele Pirro (who also happens to be a 5 time LeMans champion) takes the R8 GT through its paces and attempts to explain why the R8 GT is that much better than the already awesome R8.  In part two Emanuele talks about the design aspects of the R8 GT and reveals that along with his team they got an early look at “mock ups” of the car.  We can’t wait to see what Audi has for us for the rest of R8 GT Week.

R8 GT Week Part 1

R8 GT Week Part 2

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