Hype News: ESPN Releases X Games 17 Rally Street Course Details, Rendering Of Layout

ESPN blew some minds earlier this year when they revealed that instead of returning to the LA Colosseum, all rally events would take place on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.  From that point imaginations were running wild trying to contemplate what streets around the Staples Center would be used, where the jump would be, the ins and outs, etc.  Well today ESPN has answered all questions by finally releasing hard details about the street course including a basic rendering of the layout.  The X Games officials have created a 3,100 foot course (or 6/10ths of a mile for you math geeks) with six turns.  Building the course will require 5 MILLION pounds of concrete barriers, 700 feet of dirt (which includes the 70ft jump for the joker lap), and about 1,000 hours of build time to complete the course.  The course will also require shutting down three streets including Figueroa.  To accommodate the spectators, bleachers will be erected outside of the Staples Center.  We would venture to guess that there will likely be a video screen erected as well to make sure none of the action is missed.  Despite the fact that construction of the course is slated to start soon, drivers will not be able to test the course until the day before competition!

If you want to see a rendering of the course layout, click the thumbnail below for an image that we blew up slightly.  You may have to squint a bit but you can see all the turns and joker lap path, as well as the course’s position in relation to other land marks such as the halfpipe, etc.

[Source: ESPN]

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