Hype Video: DiRT3 Brings Back Group B Rally

In 1982 the FIA introduced a new rally class known as Group B.  For the time, Group B contained some of the fastest most sophisticated rally cars ever built.  Group B is the class where cars like the Ford RS200 and the Audi Quattro gained legendary status.  Unfortunately, due to the outright speed and power of the machines in Group B there were many accidents, some fatal.  In fact, it got so bad that the FIA was forced to take a step back at the monster they created and said “no more”.  In 1986, just 4 years after it was born, the FIA killed the Group B rally class before there was any further lives lost.  However, despite Group B being dissolved rally fans still speak of it as a defining era of rally racing history.  Authentic Group B rally cars are highly sought after among motorsport collectors, some cars fetching millions of dollars.  I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that a very small percentage of the people reading this post would be able to afford to put an honest to god Group B rally car in their private collection.  This is why the news that Codemasters is deciding to add Group B rally to DiRT3 is freakin’ awesome!  This is closest most of us will ever get to experiencing the era of Group B.  Granted it will be in virtual form but hey these days that’s pretty damn good!  Recently, Codemasters released an emotion stirring video trailer of what we can expect from the Group B mode when DiRT3 is released next month (May 24th to be exact).  You’re gonna want to see this..

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