AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S Tuning Program For BMW F10 5 Series (With Video)

The new 2011 (F10) BMW 5 series is one of my favorite mid-sized sedans in the market right now.  BMW really nailed the dimensions and styling just right with the new 5.  Let’s face it though, if any of us got our hands on a 2011 5 series sedan we probably wouldn’t keep it stock for too long if we could help it right?  If you’d want to go for the whole package then AC Schnitzer has a new tuning program dubbed the ACS5 Sport S that addresses all points of the new F10.  Obviously things start on the outside with strategically placed carbon fiber add ons to all four sides of the car.  For the most part the add-ons are subtle and don’t interrupt the stock lines much at all.  Where things get a bit spicy on the exterior however are the replacement fenders complete with vents.  I have a feeling the fenders will have a pretty solid 50/50 split between those who would opt for them and those that would pass.   Personally, I’m not against the fenders.  They certainly push the envelope, but don’t quite go too far in my opinion.  You may feel differently, and that’s fine.  I’ll just shun you for the rest of your days that’s all (kidding!).

Things get even wilder on the inside of the car as someone got chocolate in someone else’s peanut butter and another person got peanut butter in someone’s chocolate.  Then, instead of cleaning it up they just left it there for you to sit on.  If this floats your boat then more power to you captain!

To push things beyond vanity AC Schnitzer has worked with the suspension a bit for better handling, added an exhaust system for a small bump in power, and beefed up the brakes for increased stopping power.  All of that adds up to the ACS5 Sport S program.  My verdict? Make the interior black and I’d be 110% on board.  Check out the pics and video below to come to your own conclusion.  If you decide that you are on board (peanut butter cup interior and all) then you’ll be happy to know you can order all this up through CEC should you feel so inclined.



Press Release:

The AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S

Superb, powerful and individual: the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S Sedan reveals new and unusual aspects of driving pleasure. With the new BMW 5-series sedan and the new BMW 5-series Touring, in 2011 two new 5-series models have been awarded the prestigious iF Award for outstanding product design.

Equally prize worthy is the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S Sedan based on the BMW 5-series sedan, which celebrates its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. With this concept vehicle, the Aachen-based tuning specialist AC Schnitzer is demonstrating new and unusual aspects of driving pleasure.

Performance Upgrade

With a performance upgrade from 407 to 540 HP, the AC Schnitzer engineers are pushing the boundaries of the possible – for greater dynamics and efficiency. The driving performance is at thoroughbred sports car level: the sprint from 0 – 100 km/h takes just 4.5 seconds, and the top speed is around 320 km/h.

A glance under the bonnet with the AC Schnitzer engine and engine bay styling shows just who is responsible for the revolutionary refinement. The AC Schnitzer limited slip differential with up to 75% effect ensures that the tremendous power reaches the point where it is needed.

The left and right AC Schnitzer twin sports rear silencer with chromed “Sports Trim“ tail pipes combines exciting appearance and sound.

What does the sophisticated driver expect from perfect brakes? Perfect braking of course! With the AC Schnitzerhigh performance brake system with 8-piston fixed calipers left and right, and an 8-piece kit of brake pads and caliper holders for the front axle, all expectations of optimum deceleration and maximum stability are amply fulfilled. And the driving dynamics leave nothing to be desired.

The Suspension Technology
The overall concept is therefore orientated towards optimizing the handling and the driving dynamics leave nothing to be desired. The AC Schnitzer racing suspension guides the sedan perfectly through the corners.

The Bodywork
As well as the familiar AC Schnitzer front spoiler and chromed front grille, a new carbon front spoiler center part gives the ACS5 Sport S Saloon an even more striking aspect.

The carbon air ducts for the brakes left and right ensure adequate ventilation for the high performance brake system, and the new AC Schnitzer carbon side skirts clearly enhance the side view of the concept vehicle.

The engine bay is ventilated by the bonnet vents from the current AC Schnitzer range. Together with further accessories already available, such as the AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler, the rear spoiler and the rear skirt extension, new elements such as the AC Schnitzer sports wings left and right with Chromline Set and the carbon rear diffuser contribute to the great appearance.

The AC Schnitzer loading sill protection film and the BiColorfilm trim harmoniously complete the sporting elegance of the body conversion. Possible and probable reactions to such a well-equipped vehicle are envious glances, which the proud driver seated behind the AC Schnitzer sports airbag steering wheel with painted spokes can enjoy in the new AC Schnitzer sports mirror.

The Interior
The AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S sedan appears at the Geneva Motor Show with full leather trim in BiColor, painted interior trim strips and racing bucket seats with AC Schnitzer logo, which form part of the overall concept for the interior.

The AC Schnitzer range already contains the AC Schnitzer “Black Line“ aluminium cover for the i-Drive system controller, the aluminium foot rests and pedal set, velour boot mat and foot mats.

The Wheels
For the BMW 5-series sedan, AC Schnitzeralso provides an unusual range of custom wheel/tyre combinations in both 20 and 21 inch diameter. The largest variants are the racing forged rim in BiColor and the new forged alloy wheel in BiColor in sizes 9Jx21“ front and 10Jx21“. Alternatives are the AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor wheel and Type V BiColor forged alloy rim.

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