Hype: Brembo GT 6 Piston Monoblock Caliper For Mitsubishi Evo X

This is admittedly embarrassing to admit but anything with the word “monoblock” in it will usually get my attention and will probably have a place here.  In this instance its the new Brembo Gran Turismo monoblock 6-piston brake caliper for the Mitsubishi Evo X.  These calipers aren’t new to the market but they’re new to Evo X owners!  And Mitsu-heads will be happy to know that these calipers will work just fine with the stock rotors, which will save you some coin.  Also it doesn’t matter if you have an Evo X in regular or MR flavor these pistons have you covered.  Don’t like red? You can pick these up in Black, Silver (interesting!), or Yellow.

This particular set up is sold exclusively through Race Technologies so if you want to pick up a set then you should contact them via email at sales@racetechnologies.com and they’ll help you out.

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