British Hype: Aston Martin Virage Volante (With Video)

The British sports car legend Aston Martin has added a new steed to its stable.  The new Virage is meant to sit between the DBS and the DB9 on the production positioning line by providing a cushy luxurious interior (so cushy that it takes 70 man hours to complete by hand) but providing the performance of a 6.0 liter hand-built 480HP V12 engine.  You also get a carbon fiber drift shaft, six-speed paddle shift transmission, and carbon ceramic brakes standard.  That’s a serious bit of Shepard’s pie isn’t it?!  The other serious part is the price tag as the Virage will set you back about $210,000.  And that price is for the coupe!  Expect a few grand extra for the opportunity to drop the top.  However, for a car that looks this good and offers the performance numbers it does that price is more of a bargain than a burden.  Scroll down for pics and some video of the Virage.




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