Hype Event: 2011 Audi A8 Event @CircleAudi

Last night I caught wind via the Twitter-verse of a special event at Circle Audi dealership right here in Long Beach.  Circle Audi brought out a quartet (two in the showroom and two for test drives) of 2011 Audi A8’s for potential buyers and other VIPs to see, touch, and drive.  Of the two A8s in Circle Audi’s showroom one was the Luxo-rific A8 L long wheel base variation.  You already know how much I love the new A8 so of course I had to crash the party.  There were fancy Hors d’œuvres, an open bar, and a presentation/overview of the new A8 and they kept test drives going all night. 

Check out a few pictures from the event below (click on them to enlarge).  Also if you live in So Cal and just happen to be looking for an ultra-luxury sedan I highly suggest you pay Circle Audi a visit.

Here it is!  The 2011 Audi A8 in the flesh.  By “flesh” we mean hand crafted aluminum.  Despite Audi’s trademark subtle styling the A8 is pretty stunning in person.

Here is a shot of the rear where you can see the lines carry through to the super large but uniquely lit taillights.  Very sexy!

And here we have the interior.  When I sat inside the first thing I noticed was how ergonomic everything is from the driver’s seat.  Normally on cars that have a lot of technology there are so many buttons and dials that you can’t reach the stuff you really need.  This is definitely not the case with the A8 especially with such an intuitive user interface.

This is the A8’s gauge cluster.  With all of its tech and features the cluster is still nice, clean, and easy to read.  Its very Tony Stark isn’t it?

This was the best seat in the house.  The backseat of the A8 L long wheel base.  The A8 L what I call the chauffer car because the A8 L is the type of car you get driven around in instead of driving.  Although I heard that it is still just as fun to drive as the regular wheelbase version.

In the backseat of the A8 L the passengers have their own set of controls for every aspect of the entertainment system as well as their own set of climate controls.

For those who came late to the party and missed the presentation there were iPads handy with a special A8 app (free in the iTunes store) that guests could use to get any info they didn’t catch before. 

Each of these three lucky ladies plus the gentleman each won a weekend with an A8 complete with 100 bucks in spending money.  Remind me to enter the freakin’ raffle next time!

This was the sight as I left the dealership for the evening.  So now you know where to go if you’re looking to be an Audi R8 convertible… Maybe they’ll have an event for the R8 GT in the future?  I wish..

One thought on “Hype Event: 2011 Audi A8 Event @CircleAudi

  • December 3, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Great accolades, for both the new Audi A8 as well as those for Circle Audi Long Beach. It’s a great dealership to work at as an Audi Brand Specialist. I’m still learning the intricacies of the newly designed and reengineered A8 and enjoying every minute of it.

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