Gymkhana GRID Hype Video: Family Style Netherland Burnout

To help warm up the crowd before the main competition at Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID event the organizers decided to invite all the cars who were already knocked out of competition to go head to head with each other in a “freestyle burnout” contest.  In this contest the participants were encouraged not only to do the biggest, smokiest burnout possible but to do that in the most “creative” way they could.

Netherlands native Kevin Abbrings took this challenge to heart.  When he was up to bat he started off in his bio-methanol fueled Nissan 350Z with a few short burnouts in reverse and would then get out of his car and gesture for the crowd to get louder.  He did this twice and right after the second time his entire entourage and crew ran out onto the track in a Dutch stampede.  It was at this point that Kevin did big smoky burnouts around his entire crew as they jumped up and down in the middle still attempting to get the crowd hyped up.

This was a “creative” burnout indeed.  In fact, it was so creative that you could say it was improv.  Which, is only because they didn’t pre-approve their little stunt with Toyota Speedway track safety crew.  Needless to say there were more than a few furious officials.  They continued to vent their anger even after two more cars had their turn. 

They actually got so angry that they threw the hammer down and forced the Gymkhana GRID crew to cancel the rest of the burnout competition.  That really sucked because up next in the queue was the BMI Racing 4 Rotor Mazda RX-8! 

Check out the Dutch donuts AKA colossal legal liability below.

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