Top Gear USA: First Episode Will Shoot At El Toro, Get Tickets!

So, a long time ago I tried to get audience tickets to Carson Daly’s talk show.  I know what you’re thinking but shut up! Hes funny and non threatening ok?!  Anyway, ever since then I keep getting emails from some company called “On Camera Audiences” for tickets to different tv shows and filmed concerts.  None of them have been Conan O’ Brien so I ignored those emails for the most part.  That is, until late last night when the subject of their latest email said “Top Gear”!

At first I thought it was for the UK version since Jezza and the gang have been seen in the states recently flogging a trio of super cars but after reading the email I realized that they’re giving away audience tickets for History Channel’s Top Gear USA.  Besides info on how to possibly get tickets they also mentioned the exact location of the first shoot: El Toro Airfield in Irvine, CA.  Exactly where they shot the “lost pilot” of the NBC version featuring Adam Corolla.

According to “On Camera Audiences” the Top Gear crew will be at El Toro from October 13th through the 20th filming the audience sequences.  If you want your shot at tickets then I suggest you check out On Camera Audiences right now.  Tickets for Saturday October 16th, and Sunday October 17th are already full so act fast!

And well if you don’t get tickets but just want to haunt the shoot the exact address of where the episode will be filmed is :

El Toro Marine Corps Air Station
6890 Marine Way
Irvine, C A 92618-1722


But if security tases you and drags you off, we had nothing to do with it ok?


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