Car Town Facebook Game

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am really not big on the Facebook games.  You’ll never find me playing Farmville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars or any of that stuff.  It is not just a personal thing either, I’ve seen what Farmville addiction can do to people!  However, I’ve come across a Facebook game that I think I can actually get behind (and probably become addicted to).  Its called Car Town and it was developed by Cie Games based right here in Long Beach, CA.

Car Town is similar in a lot of ways to other Facebook games that are currently being played but the big and important difference is that instead of tending a farm, running a restaurant, or expanding your organized crime syndicate Car Town is all about earning money to buy the cars you want by playing games and doing “jobs” and also using the money you earn to fix up the cars you own. You can race your cars against your Facebook friends, deliver pizza to other friends to make money, even enter car shows. There is a ton of customization available in the game as well from the cars to your own avatar.

Right now the game is still in beta testing, but since someone thinks I’m cool I had a chance to test it out before its release.  We’ll continue to bring you updates on Car Town until its full launch which should be coming soon!

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