GReddy Simulator iPhone App (@Greddy_Power)

Just as the new iPhone 4 hits Apple stores nationwide GReddy has released their very own iPhone App called “GReddy Simulator“.  What does it do? Basically, it lets you experience what its like to have various GReddy bits in your car.  By mounting your iPhone in your car the app utilizes the phone’s accelerometer to give accurate representations of what types of read outs you would get if you had say, a GReddy boost gauge.  The app also knows when you shift so if you have it in Type RZ Blow Off Valve mode, you can expect a healthy pressure release sound! You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this app if your phone is mounted in your car or not.  And to top it off the GReddy Simulator only costs 2 bucks!  Just head to the iTunes app store to download it.  My only gripe is that this app wasn’t developed for Android or Windows Mobile powered phones.


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