Vorsteiner BMW VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package

We can finally pull the curtain off a little side project we’ve developed with Vorsteiner.  The aero wizards are using MotorworldHype’s “Grand Sport Sedan” F01 BMW 7 Series project (AKA “Biggie”) to show off the new VR-7 Sportiv Aero package.  The VR-7 Sportiv Aero package was a design collaboration between RJ and Vorsteiner’s own designers.  From the start of this project RJ and Vorsteiner wanted the Sportiv Aero package to be an example of a performance asthetic driven by subtlety and I’m going to go ahead and say I think we pulled it off.  We wouldn’t have been able to bring “Biggie” along this far without the help of Vorsteiner, Michelin, H&R Springs, and Street Concepts!  Thanks to all of our partners for their support!




Press Release:

Vorsteiner releases the VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package

Vorsteiner is proud to announce the release of the BMW VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package for the BMW F01 & F02 7 Series. Vorsteiner specializes in developing aero enhancements that complement BMW’s line of vehicles and the VR-7 Sportiv Aero Package continues Vorsteiner’s philosophy of sporty yet understated elegance. The Vorsteiner Package enhances the shape and form of the BMW 7 Series with the addition of the VR-7 Carbon Fiber Add-On Front Spoiler, the VR-7 Carbon Fiber Add-On Rear Spoiler, and the change to VR-7 Carbon Fiber Replacement Rear Diffuser.

The VR-7 Add-On Front Spoiler lends its more aggressive lines to the front fascia of the elegant 7 Series giving the vehicle a more commanding front profile and sense of sportiness. Not only does the VR-7 Add-On Front Spoiler provides for a more prominent and confident tone in the overall front-end design but it also adds an increase in front-end downforce and stability.

The VR-7 Replacement Diffuser takes on a new motif, featuring subtle contours, edges, and indentations that complement the body lines of the new 750i yet contribute to its new sportive attitude . Its bold undertones perfectly embody Vorsteiner’s traditional of blending purpose, function, and distinctive style.

The featured BMW 750i is equipped with 21 inch Vorsteiner V-102 Forged Monoblock wheels highlighting a concave split five-spoke design that extends to the outer edge of the wheel, which continues to exemplify Vorsteiner’s goal to create a stature of sportiness. The front and rear wheel dimensions are more assertive and measure in at 21″ x 9″ (front) and 21″ x 10.5″ (rear). The wheels shown are fitted with Vorsteiner recommended Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. Tire Specs come in at 255/30-21 for the front and 285/30-21 for the rear. The stance of the vehicle was further enhanced by H&R’s super sport suspension package, lowering it by 48 mm.

The V-102 is available in the following finishes:

  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Gunmetal
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Textured Black
  • Texture Gunmetal

Custom finishes are available on request.

The V-102 includes Vorsteiner anodized aluminum carbon fiber center caps.

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