Hype Event: XDC Round 1 Irwindale Results

The drift season got off to an early start over the weekend as the Xtreme Drift Circuitor XDC kicked off its first event ever at Irwindale Speedway.  If you haven’t already been filled in the XDC is a new semi-pro drifting series designed to feed new talent into Formula D, upper echelon of professional drifting in America.  Grassroots drifts came from all around the country and even some from as far as Canada to compete in the XDC’s first event ever.  There were a few pros that made appearances as well such as Alex Pfeiffer, Jeff Jones, and Forrest Wang. 

Surprisingly many of the more experienced drivers were taken out by before the competition was widdled down to the final four.  Alex Pfeiffer fell to Forrest Wang in the first battle of the top 16 and then Forrest himself was booted out in the great 8!  So who won? Dave Briggs from Canada was on fire all day and took first place, $3,000, and a spot in the Pro-AM nationals.  Quoc Ly and Jeff Jones took second and third respectively.

All in all I’d say that this event went off pretty smoothly and had a much bigger turn out than most expected.  My only gripe was that photographer areas on track were few and far between.   As such I pretty much focused most of my shots in the ReMIX car show area which was pretty awesome in and of itself by the way.

To see the full gallery of photos just check out our album on our facebook page.

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