F1: Australian Grand Prix Results

There was talk after the Bahrain GP that perhaps the FIA took the gonads out of F1 competition with their new rules and such.  In fact some were even referring to the Bahrain GP as the “Boring GP”.  However all that was erased over the weekend in Australia.  There was a ton of passing and dicing, including a demolition derby into turn one during the first lap.  As I suspected Sebastien Vettel was on a mission to redeem the win he felt was rightfully his after his dominating performance at Bahrain was nullified by a busted header during the final laps.

This time Vettel shot his way to the front and wasn’t going to let a cracked exhaust header keep him from victory.  Technically he accomplished this goal, because it wasn’t a cracked exhaust header that kept him from victory it was a busted wheel!  Once again a dominant performance was dashed by a car malfunction.  You can imagine that someone from Renault is getting yelled at right now by the young German. 

After Vettel was taken out of the race by his own car Jenson Button took over the lead and held on as a epic battle between hometown boy Mark Webber, Robert Kubica,  Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, and Fernando Alonso raged on behind him.  But those guys weren’t able to kick up enough dust to disturb Jenson’s drive and he cruised along to victory followed by Kubica (2nd) and Massa (3rd).

I would have loved to see Mark Webber win in his home country or Lewis get a repeat win in the place where he made his F1 debut but Jenson Button was just delt the right hand in this round.  It looks like the old McLaren/Ferrari battle may be making a comeback for 2010.

[Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

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