F1: 2010 Bahrain GP Results

Finally F1 came back this weekend!  With all the stuff going on in the off season I was flipping out waiting for 2010 to start!  There were new teams on the grid (except USF1 unfortunately), Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari, and the return of Michael Schumacher!  As expected many of the new teams and rookies didn’t do so hot in the opening laps.  But after all the carnage was clear it was Sebastien Vettel who was in the lead and practically running away from the entire field.  Until his Renault Red Bull car started to suffer a drop off in power within the last 15 laps or so. 

Turned out that he had a cracked exhaust manifold! BUMMER!  Since he wasn’t able to keep up his pace he was passed up by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa respectively and then finally by Lewis Hamilton.  So in the end it was a Ferrari 1-2 with McLaren taking the third spot.  It was a good race but I gotta feelfor Vettel.  I can’t imagine how much it must suck to go from dominating most of the race and then not even make the podium!  Expect a pissed off/determined Vettel at the next round!  You can read a full race report at SPEED.

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]

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