Indy Car: Streets Of San Paulo Results/Highlights (Video)

Formula 1 wasn’t the only motorsport with its season opener during the weekend.  The 2010 Indy Car season got started on Sunday on the streets of San Paulo, Brazil.  This race was, problematic from the start.  This was the first race in this new street course and it showed.  When weather wasn’t plaguing the drivers the nature of the course was.  There was a section on the main straight that had a section of recently ground down asphalt and someone forgot to mop up the dust!

Some of the rookies weren’t doing so great either.  Former F1 driver Takuma Sato got a little too friendly with the brakes and caused a huge pile up right as the race went green the first time.  Then, Mario Morales made the same mistake and literally ran over Marco Andretti.  Marco had to sit there with Mario’s car on his head for a few minutes until they were able to get a crane to pull it off.  Amazingly, he took it pretty well.. but then again he was probably still fuzzy from the concussion.

When the dust settled it was Will Power and Team Penske on the top of the podium.  Check out the race highlights below and a detailed wrap up of the race on Indy Car’s website.

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