RJ’s 7 Series AKA “Biggie” Gets Some New Shoes (UPDATE: Now With Specs!)

Like a proud papa RJ is showing off the new shoes on MWH’s BMW 750 project car AKA “Biggie”.  He picked up a set of V102’s from Vorsteiner and then it was shipped over to paint to get some black accents done.  It looks like its coming along quite nicely!  Next time you see Biggie he’ll be sporting some carbon fiber.  More on that later.

UPDATE:  I got some specifics on everything thats been done so far and it all equates to FRESH!  Check it out:

-It’s dropped two full inches on H&R’s new super sport spring package

-The rubber has been switched to Michelin Pilot Sport 2’s (255/30 – 21 front and 285/30 – 21 rear)

-The V102’s are 21 inches at all corners and 10.5 inches wide in the back with 9 inch widths in the front.

-All the trim (grill, front bumper trim, side marker trim, and trunk trim along with ceramic coating the exhaust tips matte black) was done at Street Concepts in Anaheim.

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