Hype Preview: Stillen Supercharger System For Nissan 370Z/Infiniti G37

According to the blog talkover at Stillen they are nearing completion of a new supercharger system for the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37.  If you remember, their 350Z roots type supercharger system was a pretty popular item for a while, especially since it was the first of its kind.  However, the 350Z had its down sides namely the need to buy a new hood or cut a hole in the stock hood to get the unit to fit.  The second minus came from the fact that a roots type blower had limited boost options. 

Stillen has taken the lessons learned from the first generation kit and promised that their new generation supercharger kit will be based on a Vortech centrifugal unit.  No more hood swapping!  Additionally the new kit will be available in 3 stages: Tuner (just the hardware no fuel management), CARB Legal (6 psi, decent power, and street legal), and Competition (bawls out, track only madness).  Since the Tuner and Competition kits aren’t street legal they’ll have more of a solid release date.  However since the CARB Legal stage is dependant on, well, CARB its release date is reliant on when CARB will give them the time of day to look over their work.  We’ll try to keep you updated as things develop.

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