F1: Rubens Barrichello Wins European GP

It seems like most racing series these days are facing their wild ups and downs, even drifting.  Formula One hasn’t been any difference.  There was a major injury, a team suspension, an announcement of another team withdrawing from the sport, a living legend’s return, and that same living legend canceling that return.  And all of that happened just between one race and the next!  So after all of that Formula One finally reached Valencia, Spain we saw a familiar sight on the podium in the form of Brawn GP driver Rubens Barrichello in the number one spot.

Now this is the first win for Rubens in five years and his first win with Brawn GP but this is far from Brawn’s first win all season.  However this victory may not have happened if it weren’t for a mishap with McLaren Mercedes.  Lewis Hamilton had the pole position for this race and the lead for most of it.  It was his race to lose, and lose he did!  He came in for a pit stop that quickly went south which allowed Rubens to inherit the lead and that was all she wrote.  Lewis holds no grudge against his team though.  After all the success they’ve given him he can handle a mistake here and there.

This victory lands Rubens in the second place points position just behind his team mate Jenson Button, who has been struggling lately.  Could this be Rubens’ year?  Has he finally gotten the car that he needs to show everyone what he is really capable of?  Stay tuned!

As usual the SPEED TV trio has some insights to share and some sharp critisim for Ferrari.  Check it out below.

[Photo: Brawn GP]

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