F1: Sebastien Vettel & Red Bull End Jenson Button’s Win Streak

So let me set the stage for you.  Jenson Button has been kicking ass and taking names all season and seems virtually unstoppable.  The only time he didn’t win so far was in China when Sebastien Vettel ran away with it.  This weekend the F1 show rolls into Sliverstone; Thats England for you Geography majors out there.  So the unstoppable points leader shows up to his home track… Game over right?  WRONG!  It looks like the Sliverstone curse was reset this year because neither Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton could catch a break on their home turf.  The best Jenson could muster was a respectable 6th place while Hamilton was waaaaaayyyyy in the back..so far that it isn’t even worth mentioning what position he finished in.  No worries for the Brits though Jenson still retains a healthy lead over the rest of the field.  Check out the post race recap by the SPEED trio below.

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