Indy Car: Helio Castroneves Wins His Third Indy 500

In the days leading up to the weekend many were questioning if the Indy 500 still held the same relevance that it had in years past.  Heck Autoblog even put up an online poll asking if anyone still “cared” about the 500.  It seemed that with the 24 Hours of Nurbergring and the Monaco GP happening in the same weekend the American tradition of the 500 was taking a backseat in the minds of many motorsport enthusiasts.

Yet now that the weekend is over and checkered flags have waved in different parts of the world I honestly have to say that I had a better time watching the 500 than any other race this weekend.

Sure the Monaco GP is prestigious but it was also a snore fest this year with Jenson Button practically winning from the pole position.

Yet this year’s Indy 500 did not disappoint.  Helio Castroneves earned the pole position but he certainly didn’t lead a parade for 200 laps.  There were at least 4 lead changes through out the race with 33 drivers all fighting to get their faces embossed onto the famous Borg Warner trophy.  However despite the best efforts from some of the best drivers in the world Helio battled back to take his third Indy 500 win. 

That, in and of itself is a pretty impressive feat but when you think about how earlier this year Helio missed the first race due to being on trial for tax evasion and facing up to 35 years in prison it suddenly increases the gravity of the win.  Long Beach was Helio’s first race back and he made that race fresh off the plane from leaving the trial.  We all thought his comeback would have lost all its steam there but then he shows up at Indy wins pole position and then wins the race!

If I try to take you through everything that happened this is going to turn into an article instead of a blog post so check out the highlight video below to catch anything I might have missed.


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