D1GP Anaheim

So over the weekend was the much awaited return of the D1 Grand Prix series to the US.  This is an event that many drift fans have been anticipating for a long time and there were plenty of rumors, and speculation as to how this event would go down. 

There is a whole new organization behind the US arm of D1 now and the pressure was on them to produce an event that was on caliber with what drift fans are used to these days.  Frankly, Formula D has set the bar quite high.  The question was could D1 reach those same expectations?

Well, it was touch and go for the most part.  There were some areas where D1 excelled and some where they could have used some improvement.  All in all for their first event things weren’t the disaster that many were expecting.  It was great to see some of the top Japanese drivers back on American soil and they provided a stage for many privateer and armature drifters to show their skills.  The car show section was also huge and had a variety of cars.  Another nice touch was the fact that D1 was a stop for the Gumball 3000 rally so some the spectators got an up close look at the high dollar exotics taking on the rally this year.

So bottom line, was D1 horrible as some predicted? Not at all.  Did D1 deliever on all that was expected? Not quite.  There is definitely room for improvement but they have 3 more events on the 2009 schedule so lets see how the rest of the year pans out for D1.  We will certainly stay tuned.

Check out some of the car show and Gumball pics below.  For action shots of the drifting click over to UrbanRacer.com.


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