SPOTTED LA Auto Show: Mercedes Benz AMG SL63 and SL65 Black Series

If parents want to encourage their kids to become doctors or lawyers all they need to do is show them pictures of these cars.  I saw press photos of the AMG SL65 Black Series a few months back but in person it just can’t compare to jpegs.  Its so aggressively styled all it needs is a handle at one end and it would look like a German sword!

Oh, AND THEN sitting just a few feet away was an SL63 in satin white!  Can you believe it?! Satin white as an OEM color!  I was nearly brought to freakin’ tears!  The sad thing is that we knew satin white was going to be the next big thing and we wanted to go that way with our Lexus IS-F SEMA car but due to time constraints we couldn’t pull it off.  Hats off to Mercedes for taking a chance.  FYI Lamborghini is doing the same thing with their LP560-4 Gallardo and it looks just as fresh!




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