UPDATE: McLaren Goes to FIA Court

By now the principals of the McLaren team and their driver Lewis Hamilton have plead their case before the FIA in their International Court of Appeal in Paris.

In case you forgot this hearing was in regards to Hamilton being stripped of his victoryduring the Belgian Grand Prix when the race stewards imposed a 25-second penalty for an “illegal” overtaking manuver on Kimi Raikkonen.  This decision bumped Lewis down to third place and handed the “win” over to Ferrari’s Felipe Massa.

McLaren had several strong points to their argument including the fact that Lewis had to cut the “Bus Stop” chicane to avoid hitting Kimi Raikkonenwho drove him wide.  Lewis then gave up the position and then took it back right away.  I think the stronger point will come in the fact that McLaren spoke to race control twice during the race about the incident and both times the team was assured by control that Hamilton’s actions were within the rules.

Should the court side with McLaren it would mean the award of 6 points to their driver giving Lewis a more comfortable 7 point lead over Massa rather than the scant single point lead he holds now.

However, this is the FIA and crazy things tend to happen so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday when the FIA releases their verdict. 

Although if you go by the above picture, Lewis doesn’t seem too worried…

We’ll keep you posted!

[Thanks to Guillaume Noirot’s photostream for the pic]

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