SEMA Project IS-F GT Update: Front Lip and Interior

Hey everyone.  I know its been a while since our last post on our project but I have a few more sneak peaks for you.  We just got our seats back and man do they look sick! Every part of the stock seat that had the perforated leather has now been swapped with smooooth blue alcantara to match the stock blue stiching.

Also as you can see in the above pic our front lip is coming along nicely.  What you see in the pic is just a plug.  When its all done it will be a full vaccum bagged dry carbon piece and there is more carbon on the way.  Mum’s the word on the carbon smith responsible for this awesome piece but all will be revealed at the appropriate time.

That’s it for now but in the near future you’ll see some more carbon upgrades, our wheels will finally be revealed, you’ll see a major change in the stopping dept, and we have some suspension mods on the way.


MotorworldHype IS-GT


Project Philosophy and Notes


            The goal behind the MotorworldHype Lexus ISF-GT concept was to evolve the already potent performance potential of the Lexus IS-F to make it an even more track ready street machine. Our goal was to prepare a concept that would still be easily drivable on a day-to-day basis yet more potent and more apt for track day excursions at racecourses like Fuji Speedway, Laguna Seca, or the Nurburgring.

            The ISF-GT concept is designed for the individual who not only enjoys his performance car on the streets and byways of the city but also on the paved racecourses of tracks around the globe. This concept is meant for the motoring enthusiast and track affectionado.

            The IS-F is a visually stunning piece of automotive art with a more than ample amount of performance to back up its looks.  However our team feels felt that there was another level attainable for the IS-F, a level that a select few would want to attain.  Many aspirational automotive brands have special editions for their flag ship models: Ferrari has the F430 Scuderia, Porsche has the GT3 RS, and Mercedes the CLK63 Black Series.  All of the aforementioned cars were built for the discriminating enthusiast who wanted a rare limited edition version of the best they could get. The ISF-GT concept was designed with same philosophy.

            To accomplish our goals we developed vacuum bagged carbon fiber components that increased aerodynamic efficiency with the addition of a front splitter, rear diffuser, and boot-lid trunk. To further improve handling on and off the track a full suspension package was developed by Tein to achieve a slightly stiffer chassis and also to allow for driver adjustments that would enable him to tune the car. This combination allowed for greater set-up adjustability for those track-attacking sessions. We also worked to reduce rotational mass with a lighter wheel package and looked to improve grip by widening the track with wider wheels and tires. We also bumped performance a bit with addition of a more efficient exhaust system. We looked to improve braking performance a more aggressive Brembo 6 piston front caliper and rotor set up. We feel that with these upgrades and modifications we have created a car that is still civil for the streets yet a bit more focused to hit the track.

            We also strived to create a concept that would be easy to duplicate so any IS-F owner could take his Lexus and create our GT package with ease. We looked to build a vehicle with high quality goods that we would feature and highlight on our website It was our intention to show current and future IS-F owners that there is an easy to attain evolutionary package for their already potent IS-F that would make it even more of a track attacker. We hope to have showcased a concept that can easily be re-created that gives those owners who are more apt to take days off to hit the track something that is even more sporty, a bit faster, and more rewarding to drive on those trips to places like Laguna Seca or whatever local racecourse is close to home.

            Project ISF-GT is a concept meant for that motoring enthusiast.  Inspired by the Team Lexus GT2 IS race-car, Project ISF-GT is meant to compliment what the IS-F is with subtle yet functional modifications that will instantly speak to the hearts of any performance enthusiast.

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