Novitec Rosso Edition Anonmio Militare Automatico Watch

I personally think that car related watches are pretty cool.  In fact once my master plan for world domination pans out I intend on collecting said watches.  A while back I posted a pretty fresh looking Mercedes SLR McLaren inspired watch.  This time watch maker Anonmio felt inspiration from top shelf Ferrari aftermarket producer Novitec Rosso. 

This Italian time piece features sapphire-glass crystal protecting the face and cradles your wrist with its calf skin leather strap.  Since it is a Novitec Rosso edition, you also get bright red stitching along the wrist strap as well as the Novitec Rosso logo on the black watch face.

I plan on getting one of these from CECas soon as I take delivery on my Enzo…psh!  Seriously though, this watch is cool.

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