Champion Motorsport produces the MS61 Magnesium Wheel for Porsche 997

It very rare to find fully forged magnesium wheels these days. Porsche owners can rejoice as Champion Motorsport offers the MS61 Forged Magnesium Wheel specifically designed and manufactured for the 997 GT3 RS, GT3, Twin Turbo, and other widebody 997 models. The design is very simple yet functional but it’s the material (magnesium) and the process of how it’s made (forged) that makes this such a great wheel.

Champion Motorsport would like to introduce you to the newest wheel in our line of forged alloy wheels. The MS61 is a fully forged magnesium wheel that offers great performance and rigidity as well as great stylish enhancements.

This wheel was specifically designed for the 997 GT3 RS

Will also fit the 997 Turbo and other 997 Widebody vehicles.

Find out more at Champion Motorsport.

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