Watch The All-New Nissan Z Reveal Right Here

The new Nissan Z reveal is just moments away from the time we are writing this and we can’t help but be excited. Ever since the Nissan Z Proto made its nationwide tour, fans have been filling the internet with spy photos, theories, and more questions about what to expect.

Nissan Z Proto top front view

We can easily say that the new Nissan Z is the most anticipated car since the Toyota GR Supra was revealed a few years ago. Though, despite the hype, many have been disappointed with the fact that the GR Supra shares most of its under-pinnings with the BMW Z4.

Others have not been thrilled with the new Supra’s price which sits just under $55,000 for the premium model.

Fans are hoping that the rumors of the new Nissan Z having 400 horsepower while coming in at under $50k are true but we won’t know until we hear from Nissan directly.

Which is exactly why you’re here, so watch the new Nissan Z reveal live right here and when it is over we’ll come back and share our thoughts! You can also tag us on Twitter at @MotorworldHype as you follow along.


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