RAYS Engineering Formula Nut FN-II

RAYS Engineering just released a brand new version of their Formula lug nuts that could be just the thing you need to accessorize your current set of wheels.

We think that many people tend to take lug nuts for granted when it comes to style. Think of it this way: if wheels are your car’s “shoes” then lug nuts are the laces. You want your laces to go with your kicks right? Of course you do.

RAYS Engineering Formula Nut FN-II

The team at RAYS knows this too so they released the Formula Nut FN-II. Mechanically speaking, the FN-IIs work the same way as the previous Formula Nut but this time the outer casing is finished in “Black Chrome” which allows the “cap” of the nut to “pop” and stand out which can set off your wheel finish nicely.

The RAYS logo is laser etched into the casing and finished in white.

The casing is made from high strength steel while the taper and caps are made from aluminum. That means these lug nuts look good but they’re also strong and will safely hold on to your wheels.

The RAYS Formula Nut FN-II lug nut caps are available in five anodized colors: orange, sliver, black, blue, and red and come in M12 or M14 sizes.

RAYS Engineering Formula Nut FN-II

The caps are removable with a hex key that comes with the set. Underneath the cap is a seven-sided heptagon internal drive which can be removed with an included key.

MSRP for a set of 20 is $307 but you can find them for a bit less depending on where you look.

These lug nuts have only been on the market for a few months so we’re still in the sweet spot in which they aren’t very common yet. All the more reason to cop these now if you’re interested.

If you do pick them up, tweet us a picture of your car at @MotorworldHype once you throw them on!


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