S2000 Origin Fabrication Shorty Ti Antenna

An antenna is a relatively simple thing but the Origin Fabrication Shorty titanium antenna for the Honda S2000 took a very long time to produce. Why? Because Origin wanted to make sure that the final product was the highest quality possible and had the best fit.

Even Origin knows that in the grand scheme of things the antenna on an S2000 isn’t an important part but to them it was about more than that.

“We’ve been working on these for nearly 1.5 years now. From idea all the way to what we have today this antenna is everything we wanted and more. For such an insignificant part it really does embody all that we have strived for over the years. We hope every one enjoys them as much as we do.” Says Origin.

Can you imagine that? a year and a half just to develop a short antenna? You have to admire the dedication if nothing else.

Origin Fabrication Shorty Titanium Antenna for the Honda S2000

Each antenna is CNC machined from 6AL-4V Titanium which is known for its high strength, low density, high fracture toughness, and corrosion resistance. In fact, its quality is so good that it is often used in biomedical mechanics like joint replacements.

Origin Fabrication Shorty Titanium Antenna for the Honda S2000

TheĀ  Origin Fabrication Shorty titanium antenna will fit all S2000s and comes in four finishes: PVD black, blue, raw, and burnt gradient.

Make no mistake, sporting this antenna is purely a flex but that isn’t a bad thing. Especially considering the very reasonable $85 price.

You can pick one up right now for your S2000 at Evasive Motorsports.

What do you think about this antenna? Would you rock it? Or is it too much flash and not enough substance? Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source: Evasive Motorsports]

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