A-Spec Racing 2009 Civic Si With Type R Conversion [VIDEO]

Around here, we can always appreciate a really nice Honda Civic. We also miss putting a spotlight on a feature car, so this new video from Toyo Tires really hits the spot.

Today we’re talking about a sweet 2009 Civic Si sedan built by Charleston Ong of A-Spec Racing in Chatsworth, CA. A-Spec Racing specializes in producing custom CNC machined parts for racing applications. They also have a bit of an affinity for Hondas.

Thus, we have Charleston’s personal Civic Si featured here. Obviously not content with leaving his Civic stock, Charleston employed a short but tasteful list of modifications to make his Civic his own.


Charleston Ong's 2009 Honda Civic Si with Civic Type R conversion

One of the first things you’ll notice about Charleston’s Civic Si is that it doesn’t quite look like the 2009 Si that you may remember. That’s because he did a full JDM Civic Type R conversion which changed out the fenders, front bumper, rear bumper, and taillights.

For good measure, Charleston also swapped out the roof with one from a LX Civic in order to delete the moon roof for more visual accuracy.

Charleston Ong's 2009 Honda Civic Si with Civic Type R conversion. Front view featuring Mugen body kit

If that wasn’t enough, Ong went further by adding a full Mugen body kit on top of the Type R conversion. The Mugen pieces include the front lip, grille, vented hood, rear spoiler, and rear diffuser.

Once all that was finished the whole car was sprayed in a factory silver hue. All together Charleston said he spent $17k on all of the body work. With that price tag, we can only assume that Charleston sprung for original Honda body panels for his conversion rather than buying a reproduction kit.

If so, that is one hell of a flex.

Wheels tires and brakes

Charleston Ong's 2009 Honda Civic Si equipped with Volk Racing RE30 wheels

At the corners of Charleston’s Civic live a set of 17×9 Volk Racing RE30s in a brilliant red color. The wheels have a +63 offset but 15mm spacers help keep things flush. The lightweight wheels are wrapped with meaty Toyo Proxes RR tires.

Inside the front wheels are a set of AP Racing brake calipers secured with custom brackets by A-Spec Racing. Charleston wanted to keep the brake package reasonably sized but still have maximum heat efficiency. To do this, thicker rotors were used rather than large diameter discs. Rotor hats from A-Spec Racing ensures a clean fit for all the stopping power.


Charleston Ong's 2009 Honda Civic Si. Interior shot featuring custom roll cage replacing the rear seats


Inside Charleston’s Civic Si things are mostly business as one might expect in a street-able track car. Despite his Si being a sedan, the rear seats have been deleted in favor of a custom welded-in roll cage. Ditching the seats and installing the cage saves weight, improves chassis rigidity, and increases safety in case the unthinkable happens.

Up front are a pair of Recaro Profil XL seats bolted to custom mounts. The driver seat mount specifically has been measured to accommodate Charleston’s height. To keep the racing harnesses from flopping around, a pair of A-Spec racing harness reels are used.

Charleston Ong's 2009 Honda Civic Si. Interior shot featuring OMP racing wheel mounted to Krontec quick release

The stock steering wheel has been replaced with an OMP racing wheel which has a custom machined mount made by A-Spec Racing. The mount attaches to a Krontec quick release; the same type used in DTM race cars.

Though Krontec doesn’t make bolt-on applications so Charleston once again employed the A-Spec Racing CNC machine to create a custom steering boss that would fit the Krontec quick release and bolt on to the steering wheel hub.

Charleston Ong’s 2009 Civic Si Toyo Tires Video

If you want to see this Si in motion check out the video from Toyo Tires above. Afterwards let us know in the comments what you think of it or tweet your opinions to us at @MotorworldHype.


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