Bugatti Shows Taillights Of Next Car In Teaser Image

Last night Bugatti decided that they were feeling mysterious and updated their website with an image bright red taillights in an “X” formation. Next to the image was the caption “What If…?”

Underneath the aforementioned caption it goes on to say a “digital world premiere is coming soon”. This clearly seems to be teasing a brand new model; but it seems kind of soon to do something like that.

I mean considering the current global economy, is revealing a new multi-million dollar hypercar really a great move right now?

The truth is, right now we have no idea what Bugatti is up to; which provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in some wild and irresponsible speculation!

Bugatti electric car?

This is a image that Bugatti uploaded to their website on October 22nd 2020 teasing a new car

As I just mentioned, revealing a multi-million dollar low production car that only the super rich can afford is probably not a great look right now. However, the blow from something like that could be greatly softened if it turns out that this new Bugatti is an electric car.

Society seems to be less judgmental financial excess when there is an element of environmental responsibility attached to it. If this new Bugatti is some type of new electric car meant to take on Tesla’s upcoming roadster, then not only would the car tend to breed less anger, it may actually end up being a great PR move for Bugatti.

Moving from massive V16 quad-turbo engines to all-electric is quite the jump and is bound to earn brownie points with EV fans and people who want to see combustion engines go away for good.

Bugatti concept car?

Bugatti Centodieci concept car front perspective view

If this isn’t a new EV production car then I think the next most likely scenario is that this may be the next in a long line of Bugatti concept cars.

Bugatti loves their concepts. They almost always get global attention as well as getting their affluent clientele primed to drop a few million on the next car when it becomes available.

The real beauty of a concept is that it can be anything that Bugatti says it is and they ultimately don’t even have to follow through on all the promises a concept car might make. It’s kind of a win-win situation.

Though, again I would have to question the timing. Their last concept car, the Centodieci (pictured above), was just revealed last summer; so it seems a little soon to have another one ready to go. Then again, why wait?

Bugatti virtual (video game) car?

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept car

This car may not be a production or concept car at all. Instead, all this hype may be to tease a one-off Bugatti creation for a racing game.

I think this is the most likely scenario for two reasons: The first is because the Bugatti website noted that the car would have a “digital” debut; that word seems to suggest that the reveal won’t simply be live streamed video.

The second reason is the main caption “What If…?” That seems to suggest that this car is what Bugatti would do if they didn’t have to conform to conventional rules and regulations. More so, if they could design a car with no limits.

That notion is at the heart of the Vision Gran Turismo program started way back in 2013. Kazunori Yamauchi started the program by reaching out to the design houses of various OEMs asking them to cut loose show him the type of car they would design if they didn’t have to follow any rules.

The resulting cars would be added to the current Gran Turismo video game. Traditionally, a physical version of the car would be produced as well. Though given the current global situation that part is doubtful.

This wouldn’t be the first time Bugatti participated in the Vision Gran Turismo program. In 2015 the “Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo” (pictured above) was revealed and that concept ultimately transformed into the Bugatti Chiron.

If this Bugatti is another Vision car, could it wind up being the cover car for Gran Turismo 7? Who knows? But the prospect makes things all the more intriguing.


Ultimately, as I stated before, we have no idea what Bugatti is going to reveal. Heck, we don’t even know when this car will be revealed.

It’s always fun to speculate in the meantime though.

What scenario do you think is the most likely for this secret Bugatti? Tell us your conspiracy theories in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

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