Nissan Z Prototype Will Be Revealed September 15th [VIDEO]

The next Nissan Z car is coming. For the last few months Nissan has made it clear that nearly their entire line will be upgraded with new generation models, including the Z.

Today, we got the first look at the Nissan “Z Proto” in the teaser image you see above. However, Nissan says that the Z Proto will be completely revealed in about two weeks from now on September 15th, 2020 during a livestream on I can’t believe it’s September already! Anyway…

To build hype for the reveal event Nissan also dropped a teaser video. Other than that we don’t know very much about the Nissan Z Proto or how long the prototype phase will last.

In regards to looks, from the silhouette, it seems that the design is a retro-mod throwback to the early Z cars of the 70s and 80s like the 240Z. Although I would not get too attached to the Nissan Z Proto’s styling. Who knows how much of it will make it through the prototype phase of development?

For now check out the official teaser video below. Afterwards let me know what you think about the Nissan Z Proto and any conspiracy theories you have about it in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype

Nissan Proto Z teaser video:

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