Toyo Tires Showcases Three Elite JDM Builds (Video)

With a majority of the country in lockdown due to the pandemic, I’m sure many of us are missing the sights and sounds of a well curated car show. I know I am. So many events I was looking forward to have been postponed or canceled that I am starting to forget what a car show looks like!

While we all wait things out, Toyo Tires is doing their part to hold us over until we can once again visit our favorite meets and shows in person.

They’ve released three videos of their top sponsored builds from the Tokyo Auto Show; Including a sweet FC3S RX-7 from Rocket Bunny/Pandem master mind Kei Muira.

The videos are short but they definitely hit the spot. Check them out below!

Kei Muira FC3S RX-7 video:


Todoroki Automotive Pandem Toyota Levin video:


Moontech Pandem Nissan S13 Silvia video:


[Source: Toyo Tires YouTube Channel]

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