Porsche Is Designing New Ship For Star Wars

Remember that Porsche x Star Wars collab I talked about a few days ago? Well at the time I speculated that a Star Wars edition Porsche Taycan may come out of it. Although, it looks like there may be much more to it.

Porsche and Lucasfilm have teamed up for something called “The Designer Alliance“. In short, LucasFilm head of design Doug Chiang and VP of Porsche Style Michael Mauer have created a team of designers from Porsche and LucasFilm to create a new starship based on previous Star Wars designs and Porsche design language.

Specifically the team has been tasked with creating a new ship that is a “combination of the X-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing, and Porsche Taycan”. That is quite the mix of inspirations.

There is actually an entire microsite dedicated to the alliance which also shows off some early sketches of what the designers have come up with.

Though the final design won’t be revealed until the red carpet premiere of Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker in December. A Porsche Taycan will be on the red carpet as well because marketing.

This makes me think my initial theory of a Star Wars edition Porsche vehicle is even less likely. I have a percentage in my head but I won’t tell you the odds (get it? Han Solo? I’m such a nerd…).

There is also much that is still unknown at this point. Sure, the website and press releases would like you to think that this collaboration just started, but the reality is, this probably happened long before the Taycan was officially revealed.

If I’m right, and the design has already been finalized and locked in, does it mean we could see the ship in the new Star Wars film? Or maybe it could show up in the new Star Wars¬†Disney+ streaming show The Mandalorian. Perhaps it could show up in the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order video game? It may not show up in any of those places but speculating on it feeds my nerd soul.

We will just have to stay tuned.¬† As we get closer to the The Rise Of Skywalker’s release, I’m sure more info will trickle out.



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