How Do You Feel About This Civic Type R Voltex Carbon Fiber Wing?

The FK8 Civic Type R has been in the wild for a bit now. Not long enough to have tremendous aftermarket support but the parts are definitely trickling in. Like this Voltex Type 2V Carbon Fiber wing for example.

Its been a while since I really talked about any new parts floating around in the aftermarket but this caught my eye. It is definitely more subtle than the OEM Civic Type R wing (which looks like it belongs on a Gundam) but still aggressive enough to be taken seriously. The “V” in its name comes from the V mount brackets on the sides of the wing. Voltex claims that this is the first “V type” wing available for the FK8 Civic Type R.

Its base mounts actually align with holes for the OEM rear spoiler so this wing is in theory really easy to put on and remove. It could serve as a track-day only affair; switching back to the OEM wing when its time to go back to daily driving.

The privilege won’t come cheap however. This wing is currently going for $2,100 at Evasive Motorsports. Though, when it comes to Voltex goods, the prices are generally justified as Voltex is universally known as a high-quality JDM brand. A lot of time attack teams and other road racing teams use Voltex aero gear on their race cars.

Although, if we’re being honest, we know that many people are going to drop the coin on this wing just for its show quality. Which is totally fine if you’re one of those peeps; Do you.

The question is: what do you think about this wing? Would you rock it? Is it too subtle? Not subtle enough? Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.
For better look at the Voltex Type 2V wing for the FK8 Civic Type R, check out the images below.




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