E3 2019: Codemasters F1 2019 First Gameplay Impressions (Video)

Codemasters F1 2019 will be available soon, but I had the chance to play the game a bit early at E3 2019 last week. It was my most anticipated racing game going into the show. I’ve seen gameplay videos and leaked screenshots for weeks leading up to the show and each one has shown that there has been a massive graphical improvement.

I was really eager to see that for myself as well as get a sense of any changes to the gameplay mechanics and physics. In fact, I was so eager to go hands on with the game that I made it a point to have it be my first appointment of the show. It required waking up super early and fighting a large horde but I am pleased to say it as totally worth it.

To get an idea of my first impressions of F1 2019 as well as an interview with the game’s director Lee Mather, check out the two videos below. The interview with Mather goes in-depth on the new features found in F1 2019, including the new “Leagues” and calendar functions. Also stay tuned for more racing game content from E3 2019!

F1 2019 Lee Mather Interview

F1 2019 Gameplay Impressions

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