Odi Bakchis Grabs Another Win In Orlando

In recent years there has never really been a run away championship contender at the very start of the season. Although it looks like things are starting to change in 2019. Odi Bakchis earned himself his second win in a row at round 2 in Orlando Flordia. Could this finally be Odi’s year? Perhaps, but we can’t forget that there are still a ton of super talented drivers in the field, any of which could easily rise up and take over.

Speaking of those drivers, some of them had some uncharacteristic early defeats in Orlando. For example Fredric Aasbo didn’t make it out of Top 16 being defeated by Vaughn Gittin Jr. Two-time champion James Deane also failed to make it out of Top 16 as he was taken out by Chris Forsberg. Although, despite two heavy hitters being out of the way, Odi still had to face a murder’s row that included Ken Gushi, Justin Pawlak, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. before finally facing Chris Forsberg in the final battle.

Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s teammate Chelsea DeNofa grabbed the third place spot on the podium.

With two wins in a row Odi is at the top of the points standings with Chris Forsberg 56 points behind and Forrest Wang third in points being 72 points behind Odi.

Meanwhile James Deane is in 11th place and a whopping 119 points behind Odi. Deane definitely has some major catching up to do. Though, there are still five more rounds to do it in.

Next up on the schedule is Atlanta which is a driver and crowd favorite. Could some fortunes turn in the ATL? Or will Odi continue his dominance? We’ll find out in about 9 days from now.

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