Formula Drift: Fredric Aasbo Wins In Atlanta

Atlanta is always one of the craziest stops on the Formula Drift calendar for various reasons. Its a fast track at an iconic location and some of the most hardcore fans in the series. To top all that off, this year the skies opened up and the track got soaked. The rain also brought some of the run off dirt onto the asphalt creating a muddy section which had many Formula Drift cars looking like WRC rally cars by the end of the round.

Eventually, through the rain, mud, and smoke it was Fredric Aasbo who came out on top. However, it was a rough road for the Norwegian Hammer. Aasbo had to endure a murder’s row having to battle Matt Field, Chris Forsberg, and James Deane on his way to the final battle against Ryan Tuerck. Tuerck defeated the likes of Dean Kearney, Piotr Wieck, and Mike Essa to earn a chance to fight for the win against Aasbo.

As you know by know, Aasbo defeated Tuerck for the win which was a much needed boost to Aasbo’s points. It was also a great showing for Tuerck who has suffered some bad luck lately.

Next up on the calendar Wall Speedway in New Jersey which also tends to be a pretty eventful round. It will be interesting to see if Fredric Aasbo or Chris Forsberg can gain even more ground on Odi Bakchis points lead.


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