F1 2019: Spanish Grand Prix Quick Result

With Mother’s Day happening over the weekend it is totally understandable if you missed the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. Unless your mom happens to like Formula One as much as you do then you already know what happened. If not, allow me to get you caught up. Just scroll down for the official results of the Spanish GP!

WARNING! Race spoilers below!


2019 Spanish Grand Prix podium results:

1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Valtteri Bottas
3rd: Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton’s win in Spain is his third of the season and keeps him ahead of his teammate in the standings but only by 7 points. Rumor has it that Mercedes is doing its best to prevent a personal rivalry between Hamilton and Bottas. The team definitely does not want a repeat of the drama-filled relationship between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Fortunately the team can still take solace in the fact that their drivers are running away from the competition with both Valtteri and Lewis being roughly 40 points away from their closest competition Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

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