Gymkhana TEN Is A World Tour Of Hoonage (Video)

It seems like forever-ago when Ken Block and his Hoonigan crew teased what they promised would be a monumental Gymkhana video that would arrive “sometime soon”.

To be honest, the wait was so long I almost forgot about it. Then, just in time for the holidays, Gymkhana TEN made its way to YouTube just a short while ago.

Check it out below to watch Ken Block slay tires with five different machines in four different countries. All of it put together in one big (near) 20 minute edit.

It should also be noted that this year a documentary series of the Hoonigan team filming Gymkhana TEN is on Amazon Video right now as well as an alternate cut of the final result.

If you haven’t watched it yet I won’t spoil anything but I’ll say my favorite part is the return of a popular character…

Okay, that’s enough from me. Watch it now below!

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