Porsche Experience Center Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

Imagine a place where who could have your pick of just about any model of Porsche and then take it on a multitude of hoon-worthy on-track activities.

Now stop imagining; because not only does that place exist, there are two of them!

Back in 2016 Porsche opened up their second “Experience Center” here in Southern California just one year after opening the first one in Atlanta, Georgia.
















Just as I described earlier, the Porsche Experience Center is where fans of Porsche or performance driving can get personal one-on-one instruction behind the wheel of one or several P-cars at a 53 acre venue that houses several types of driving courses.

Want to learn how to keep a car in a sustained drift? They have a massive skid pad. Want to get better at launching off the line? They have a purpose built straight. Want to master manual shifting in a 911 GT3 or master off-road driving in a Cayenne? They have that too!

Beyond the track activities the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles (PEC LA) also houses a high end racing simulator room, event spaces, a café with free wifi, and “Restaurant 917” a high end dining experience over looking the track.

The crazy part is all of this has been literally down the street from me for the past two years and I never visited this automotive theme park until recently when PECLA celebrated its 2nd anniversary over the weekend by hosting a massive Porsche meet, offering tours of their motorsport facility, parade laps around the course and much more.

Even prolific automotive photographer and commercial director Jeff Zwart was on hand signing copies of his new Rennsport retrospective book.

There were tons of people celebrating and I personally had a pretty good time myself. Hopefully it won’t be another two years before I go back.

I’m strongly considering making their “speedster café” my new Starbucks. The next post you see from me may be written there!

For pictures from the event, check out the gallery below.

If you’re ever in the Southern California area in the near future, I highly recommend paying PEC a visit. Even if you aren’t doing one of the driving experiences, it is a great place for a gearhead to hang out while getting a bite to eat or picking up some automobillia.

To book an experience or see what else PEC LA has going on, just visit their website here: porschedriving.com/porsche-experience-center-los-angeles

Porsche Experience Center LA 2nd Anniversary gallery:



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