Fredric Aasbo Drifts The New Toyota Supra (Video)

As I’m typing this, a group of journalists and other automotive professionals are on the other side of the world testing out a production-based “prototype” of the new Toyota Supra.

I’m sure my invite got lost in the mail…ahem… Anyway…

One of the people invited to this excursion is Formula Drift driver Fredric Aasbo. It shouldn’t be surprising at all that Fredric was invited as he has been a Toyota since his days as a privateer driving a Mk 4 Supra.

So, what happens when you put a Formula Drift champion driver behind the wheel of the latest (and possibly greatest) rear wheel drive Japanese sports car? Donuts and lots of sideways action that’s what.

Check out the video below of Aasbo pitching the new Toyota Supra sideways for possibly the very first time.

I think it’s safe to say that once the Supra is finally ready, Fredric Aasbo will bring it to Formula Drift. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephan Papadakis is working on a car right now in some top secret bunker somewhere.

What do you think of the way the new Toyota Supra sounds? Let us know in the comments Below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

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