LEGO Teases James Bond 007 Aston Martin Set

First LEGO dropped the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set. Then, just a few weeks ago LEGO released the amazing looking Bugatti Chiron set. If you thought LEGO was done beating up your wallet then you’re totally wrong.

That’s because today the LEGO Twitter account teased the next (probably amazing) vehicle based LEGO set and its a James Bond 007 Aston Martin!


Now, they don’t say exactly which Aston Martin the set will be based on in the teaser but there is an alleged leak which reveals the set as a classic Aston Martin DB5 as first seen in the classic Bond film Goldfinger.

One thing the teaser does confirm is that unlike the Porsche GT3 RS and Bugatti Chiron set, this Aston Martin kit will not be from the “Technic” line. Instead this set will be released under the LEGO “Creators” line and is an “expert” level set.

Some other examples of LEGO Expert Creator “classic car” sets include the London Bus, MINI Cooper, VW Bus, and VW Beetle.

There’s nothing on the LEGO website about this Aston Martin set yet but I imagine more details will be revealed soon; especially if that leak is legit.

Are you going to pick up this set when it comes out? Let us know! In the meantime I’m going to try find a way to rationalize buying this set the day it releases…

For a better look at the teaser just click the thumbnail below

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