Donut Media Explains The Politics of Potholes (Video)

Every year thousands of innocent wheels are brutally beaten, abused, and scared by cruel, unfeeling potholes.  We need to save them but it’s going to take all of us to do it.

Seriously though, potholes on the roads of America are a serious problem.  Besides damaging cars, they can actually cause serious accidents which result in injury and even death.

As far as the science of potholes goes, we pretty much have that down.  We know what causes them and for the most part, experts know at least a few creative ways to fix them.

Though there are millions of potholes in this country that remain despite the knowledge and resources we possess.  Why?  The answer is that ugly “P” word…

No, not that one you gutter-minded fiend.  The “P” word I’m talking about is “politics”.

For a clear explanation, the guys at Donut Media put together a pretty good explainer video that illustrates how politics gets in the way of much needed pothole repair.

Check it out below…

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