BMW M7 Could Be On It’s Way According To Autoguide Ninjas

A while back BMW pretty much said “eff it, we’re going to M all the things” and proceeded to make an M-power variant of just about every car in their line up; except the 7 series for some reason.

Though there is an “M sport” version of the 7 series known as the M760i but that isn’t quite the same as the full beans of a full on M car.

Though according to some recently filed trademark papers dug up by Autoguide’s crack team of clandestine journo-ninjas, BMW just may be working on a M variant of the 7 series after all.

Nothing else is known about this M7 aside from the trademark filing and for all we know BMW may just be doing this as a preemptive move to keep unscrupulous individuals from making a cheap knock off.

So for now all we can do is guess as to what the M7’s potential power and price tag will be.  Furthermore, we can only wonder how the wizards at BMW will turn a large 7 series chassis into a performance minded vehicle.

Normally that would mean just removing weight but in a car like the 7 series which is built for luxury it will be a delicate balance of removing weight while keeping many of the creature comforts that make a 7 series what it is.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out but in the meantime it will be fun to speculate!

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If you want to see the original story from Autoguide just hit the source link below.



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