Chris Forsberg Wins Formula Drift Round 2 In Florida

Going into Formula Drift Round 2, Chris Forsberg hadn’t had an event win since 2014 but despite a series of unfortunate events the three-time champ over came the odds and broke his four year winless streak.

It wasn’t an easy road by any means though. The weekend started for Forsberg with a catastrophic engine failure which resulted in he and his team staying up all night to swap in a new engine.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Chris faced a murder’s row of top tier competitors to get to the top of the podium.

First Chris had to battle his long time friend and Drift Alliance buddy Vaugh Gittin Jr. in Top 32, then his former teammate and all around thrasher Jhonnathan Castro in the Top 16.

In the Great 8 Forsberg took down Piotr Wiecek and faced Long Beach winner Fredric Aasbo in the final four.  Aasbo made an uncharacteristic mistake which helped Forsberg get the win.

Even after all that Chris couldn’t stop to breathe because he had to face off against 2017 Champion James Deane in the final battle.

During Chris’ chase run he kept decent proximity during the first half of the run but closed the distance towards the end.

When it was time for Chris to lead, James attempted to close the gap on the bank but made a critical error and crashed into the wall effectively giving Chris Forsberg the win.

While I’m sure Forsberg wouldn’t have wanted to win that way he was still glad to get his first win since 2014.

You can watch the winning run here.

Since Fredric Aasbo was the number one qualifier for the weekend he earned himself the third spot on the podium and he is leading in the points with James Deane close behind.

With this win Chris Forsberg is now third in the points.

The next round is just two weeks away at Road Atlanta, really fast track that favors the brave.  It will be exciting to see if we’ll get another new winner or if Forsberg or Aasbo could repeat a win.

[Photo: Larry Chen]

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