All The Exotic Cars In The Mother’s Car Paddock At The Toyota GP of Long Beach

Sunday is my favorite day of the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach for a few reasons. The first obviously being the big Indy Car main race, the second is the Mother’s Exotic Car Paddock, and the third is because it means almost time for my legs to finally rest for a while.

Anyway, we’re going to focus on the second thing in this post. Once Saturday comes to an end, all the IMSA big rigs clear the area to go onto their next round and Sunday morning a huge parade of new, old, and sometimes rare exotic cars fill in the space.

It’s become tradition for us to check out the Mother’s Exotic Car Paddock before finally taking our seats to watch the big race.  Naturally we took a bunch of pics as well so we invite you to check out the gallery below!

Mother’s Exotic Car Paddock Gallery:

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