A Brand New MX-5 Global Cup Race Car Is Up For Grabs

If you’re on this website, chances are that you are probably a fan of racing.  I would even be willing to guess that you’ve probably done some racing or at least have a desire to.

I’m the same way.  The problem is, racing isn’t cheap and neither are race cars.  Mazda has done their part to make motorsports more affordable with their current MX-5 Global Cup Car which can be had in ready to race trim for about $53k.

Relatively speaking, that is dirt cheap. However, in general terms $53k is still a boat load of cash.  But, what if I told you there is a way to get a brand new MX-5 Global Cup Car for way less money?

Mazda Motorsports, Long Road Racing, and Lemons Of Love have all teamed up to hold a donation raffle to which the grand prize is a completely prepped and ready-to-go MX-5 Global Cup Car!

Donations go to Lemons Of Love, a non-profit organization which creates care packages for chemotherapy patients to help get them through the treatment.

A minimum donation of $100 will get you a single ticket to the raffle and it goes up from there.  Their goal is to raise $250k and right now they are a little over $40k but there is still 37 days left!

If you want a shot at getting a brand new race car, this is a pretty good way to do it.  Even if you don’t win you’ll still be contributing to a great cause.

Check out the auction link below for more info and to donate.  There is also a link below to Lemons of Love as well. Good luck!

Auction linkhttps://www.classy.org/campaign/global-mazda-mx-5-cup-car-giveaway-race-2/c132094

Lemons Of Lovehttp://www.lemonsoflove.org/home.html

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