SEMA 2017: Audi Decks Out TT RS With New “Sport Performance” Mods

I know it still seems weird but Audi is in fact at SEMA.  Five years ago that idea would’ve seemed crazy but, here they are!

The TT RS you see here is rocking the full line of Audi’s new “Sport Performance Parts” line that they’ve debuted at the show.

Performance mods include a two-way adjustable coilover-suspension, additional chassis bracing, brake enhancements, light weight 20 inch wheels wrapped in Pireilli PZERO tires, and an Akrapovic titanium exhaust.

Outside this car has a collection of aerodynamically-tested exterior modifications including side sills, front canards, carbon fiber brake ducts, a front splitter, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, a carbon fiber vented hood, and a carbon fiber rear GT-style spoiler.

The total package looks pretty damn good and I would be willing to guess that there are already more than a few TT RS owners lining up to order this set up from their dealers.

Though at this point Audi has not announced pricing for any of these parts and also made it a point to note that the parts available may differ in the U.S.

That probably means we won’t be getting that Akrapovic exhaust and the suspension mods will be slightly less aggressive.

The TT RS Sport Performance parts will be available sometime in 2018.  Audi announced that they will produce a line of these parts for the R8 as well but they weren’t quite ready to show those off yet.

What do you think of the Audi TT RS Sport Performance Parts?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

To get a better look at all the parts I mentioned, check out the gallery below.

Audi TT RS Sport Performance Parts

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